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Halloween Without Jamie Lee Curtis? Actress Almost Didn't Get Cast for Horror Flick

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What would one of our favorite horror flicks be without Jamie Lee Curtis? Well, it probably wouldn't have been what it is today, that's for sure! With recent news about her return in the Halloween reboot next year, it's funny to hear that she almost didn't get the part of Laurie Strode.

Curtis has played the character of Laurie in four Halloween films but according to Entertainment Weekly, it took her three or four meetings to finally get the role, which she told Mick Garris, longtime horror genre interviewer and now podcast host. 

“From the photograph I guess was submitted, they didn’t think I looked like one of the three women,” she said. “I was real lucky, I had a very persistent manager who kind of, ‘Come on, see this girl, she’s great!’"

So, what exactly was the problem? Apparently when Curtis sent in her head shot, the directors didn't feel she looked like any of the girls that they had envisioned for the film. She also went into detail about how difficult the movie was to film.

“It was a tough movie to make, because we shot it in 20 days,” she said. “So, we shot it completely out of sequence, just completely out of sequence… So, I can do one scene where I’m being chased at the end, and running around, and then we’ll do a scene at the beginning of the movie — get the blood off, get your hair done again — and then you go and be like it never happened."

One thing's for sure, we're glad Curtis got the part of Laurie Strode, because we're not quite sure how the horror film would have turned out without her!



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