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Jefferson Park - Real Haunted Place

  • 306 S Jefferson Avenue
  • Mesa, AZ
  • 480-644-2352
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Rumored to be haunted by a woman who was killed nearby, right around midnight, park visitors have reported seeing a woman in white wandering the park.
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  • I think I may have heard a paranormal shriek

    I went there twice. Didn't actually enter the park because it's closed but walked slowly adjacent on its sidewalk. First visit was at 10:00-10:30 pm. The park shuts off all their lights after 10:00, so it's very creepy in the park with no lights on, don't know how people can see ghosts in such darkness, but yeah I can imagine how horrific it would be to stand in the middle of that park at around 11:30 pm in pitch darkness and experience ghosts, that would be like shrill terror. When walking by the park from the westside at around 10:20ish, I thought I heard an "Eeek!" from the middle of the park. It was a girlish sounding shriek, but no one was in that part of the park that I could see, and it was dark as night in that area. This sound could've also been poultry because there was definitely poultry chatter arising from the adjacent neighborhood. I left the park to return at the designated time, 11:30 pm. When I got there I asked a departed uncle for spirit protection, because he's helped me in past. When I got to the grounds, eeirily a fire truck with no lights on drove onto the premises then drove off. My uncle was a retired fire fighter for Tempe. I didn't notice anything odd in the park, but there were people near the swings, probably vagrants, with dogs. I couldn't see them because so dark. No lights on in the park. I left, fearful of being jumped because so dark, and it's an easy place to be a victim of armed robbery or assault. I stayed until 11:45, then got out.

    Posted 8/20/23

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  • Not sure

    Went there 4 different times and there was times where we thought we saw something but we’re not sure. Don’t know if it’s true but it’s still an eerie feeling.

    Posted 10/23/22

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  • never say never

    tbh me and my family go there all the time to play softball and take the kids to the park to play, but we never heard or seen anything, but when we get back home we do hear weird things going on like random stuff falling down we didn’t think much of it cause our uncle just pasted away so we were thinking it’s him who knows though.. it’s not a bad park.

    Posted 8/28/22

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  • Unsure

    A friend and I went to see if this was all true. We didn’t hear anything. My friend couldn’t see anything. I swore I saw something but I wasn’t sure. Only thing I can confirm is we both got really nauseous and weak out of nowhere and were fine when we went back to my truck. Probably going to go back soon to try again.

    Posted 7/24/22

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  • Hi23

    I went to the park and was scary she wanted me to call me . She came so close to me multiple times I took an emf meter said there was multiple ghost around the area. The lady even screamed in my ear. I it was a horrible experience. I will never go there again I was walking there around 11:30 to if she was real and she was of course. I brought my ghost box tried to talk to her spirit she admitted to every thing they say is true. She even could be heard saying she did not like me. She is one evil spirit. Got home felt weird when I went to bed I hear a book fly off my book shelf . All night slept funny then I hear another scream in my ear . She is real every one!!!!

    Posted 6/7/21

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  • Dead rats

    My family has owned a house in the neighbourhood right by the park. Ive lived here my whole life and i never noticed anything strange until recently when my sister went to visit the park and midnight with her friends to do god knows what. After she came back she started saying strange things about how "we shouldn't disturb her" after this we started hearing loud footstep in our attic. And ive found about 5 dead rats around house. When we called pest control to check the attic. They said there were no signs of live and we were probably just hearing things.

    Posted 5/5/21

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  • Felt watched and eerie

    When I first got there I got a weird vibe like a presence was there I just kind of felt watched and I thought I heard footsteps or noises in the park even tho nobody was around I swore one of the animal play things that u sit on (idk what it’s called) at the playground was staring at me like there was eyes following me as I walked but I could’ve been trippin tbh...I don’t know the park was creepy but overall besides it being haunted it’s a pretty cool park! Pretty big too.

    Posted 3/26/21

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  • One Pumpkin Park

    We went in broad daylight and put minimal effort in to tracking this ghost. Park offers monkey bars and a zip line so that’s cool.

    Posted 6/5/20

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  • An eerie feeling that someone is watching you!

    I live in this neighborhood, right next to Jefferson Park. Athough I never saw anything, the few times I was out walking past this park after dark and little late at night, I got the feeling someone was watching and\or following me... Even swore I heard the crunching of leaves behind me like someone was walking through them, but I swear nobody was around... Super creepy feeling, but kinda just blew it off thinking I must be tired or something at the time... This was --before-- I knew about this Park being haunted! Uh yeah, now that I know, I won't be out walking by there anymore past dusk... Ever!

    Posted 3/13/19

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  • Scared

    Woman appeared many times i called for her but she wouldnt budge id look away then loook again and shed be gone

    Posted 11/1/18

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